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About PBF Trading System:

We offer a trading system with 3 highly accurate setups for both trend and counter-trend trades. The high win rate is just the beginning. The excellent risk/reward ratio is what we are proud of.
Many systems on the market today use either (too) fast or lagging indicators. Normally fast indicators get you in a trade sooner, but they are noisy and choppy, give too many false signals, and almost not tradable; lagging indicators are smoother and able to filter out some noises, but often give late signals which increase your risk and reduce your profit potential. Our indicators are FAST AND SMOOTH. Fast, to give you an early entry at the very beginning of a reversal with minimum risk, yet Smooth, to filter out noises and false signals along the way for maximum profit. This, coupling with our unique approach to pair a faster and a more stable indicator in each department, makes our system superior to the others with a very high success rate. Our custom designed non-lagging indicators update in real time and don't re-plot after the fact. Each indicator serves its purpose for the system with no conflicting signals. Our system works on all markets and time frames, and suits all trading styles. It offers many trading opportunities throughout the day.
In trading, we like to spot the markets' turning points ahead of time, safely get in before the crowd, ride the trend for as long as possible, while minimizing the risk with a very tight stop. This is how we like to trade, and this is what these indicators are designed to do. If this is also your ideal way of trading, please spend some time on our website. Charts don't lie. We post 100+ non-cherry-picked charts throughout the website to back what we claim. Please click on the tabs at the top of each page for the descriptions of each indicator, pricing information, FAQs, viewing charts, videos, and placing your order.
Testimonials on this website are authentic and guaranteed to be from real students and customers.


There is a lot of information on this website! Sit back and let us guide you through it, so you can make an educated decision!
Trading System and Custom Indicators for
TradeStation, NinjaTrader, MetaTrader4 and MultiCharts
for Stocks, Futures, Forex, all markets and all Time Frames!

Now Available for NT8 as well!

CHAPTER 1: Live and Automated Trading Examples
Here, we will look at some Live Trading Examples, followed by charts from different markets and time frames with signals. Then, we will take a look of some screen shots from Automated Systems (NOT for sale) made from those indicators, so you will see what these indicators can do if traded 100% mechanically.
a. Just what is the potential trading with the PBF System? 
First, what can one do trading 1 contract in less than 15 minutes with our indicators? Let's find out!
Central Time on the charts. Trading Emini S&P 500 Futures (ES) on 10-10-2008, by far the craziest and most volatile day we have seen!
The 133-tick chart was like an equivalent of a 3-Second chart as there were easily 20+ bars being printed within one minute!
Note: The timing/bars of the entry and exit marks on the charts generated by the platform might be off due to tick charts with a small tick count. See statements below charts. 
              1st trade lasted 22 seconds for 5.50 points gain ($275/contract).           2nd trade took 13 seconds and exited at breakeven.
              3rd trade lasted 39 seconds for 6.50 points ($325/contract) profit.          4th trade took 24 seconds for 6 points win ($300/contract).
              At this point, it was 6 minutes since started trading for $900 profit on one contract.
              5th trade was stopped out after 19 seconds for only 2.50 points ($125/contract).
              Total trading time: less than 14 minutes.
              Total time in market: 1 minute 57 seconds.
              Total gain in points: 20.50 points.
              Total profit: $1,025.00/contract, $1,001.50 Net profit after commission and fees.
              Average gain on winners: 5.125 points/trade/contract.
              Many brokers allow you to trade 1 contract with $1,000 capital on margin. This is a 100% return. Not bad for 14 minutes of work
Note not only the signals are highly accurate, the best part is, the entry signals are always generated very close to the market's turning points! This allows us a very small stop with minimum risk and maximum profit potentialGreat Risk/Reward Ratio!  Recipe to make money in trading: A lot more winners than losers, while winners are always a lot bigger than losers! Simple as that! 
We are always puzzled by most systems on the market today, which, for example, generate only a handful of signals per day, win only half of the time, require a much bigger stop, and always aim for just a few ticks as their targets. Does this really make any sense to you? Do you really want to sit in front of your computer all day, watching the markets closely for 6.5 hours until your eyes bleed, and only have 4-5 setups all day, while half of them unprofitable, the other half have mediocre results, leaving you almost nothing after the commissions?      
If getting in and out of the market within minutes or even seconds is not your style, and you are able to hold through minor corrections without discomfort, then trade with Dual Time Frames. Enter your position on the small time frame chart to minimize your risk, and manage your position on a higher time frame chart for maximum profit, especially when the market is trending. (Once again, the entry and exit marks generated by the platform are somewhat off!) As opposed to the example above, this trade lasted 17 minutes for 10+ points or $500+ per contract! (Read more about Time Frames on "Trading Tips" page).
Here is another trade picked up right before the closing bell.  Want to make more money in a shorter time?  Just trade more contracts! Note the market only went against the trades for 2 ticks (you probably need 1 tick for a guaranteed fill anyway), both targets of 2 and 3 points were hit!  Excellent Risk/Reward ratio, and it is not unusual for the system!  (We don't like drawdown!)  $1,260.80 NET profit.  Not bad for 10 minutes of work! 
Like the trade above, you really don't need to trade from opening bell to closing bell in order to make a living from trading. Once you are consistent, have full confidence in what you are doing, you can make money on demand, whenever you turn on your trading platform. Just make a few points with more contracts. Here is another example. Another late start for the day, the market had quiet down a lot. The trade took a while to work out. But it was a typical textbook trade. Price broke below the Moving Averages and retest the area. Went short on yellow candle close below the magenta FMA. Exited half when I saw the dots on OSOB, turned out it caught the low. Trailed the other half with the upper band of the iTunnel and got stopped out.  Immediately reversed and went long, moved the stop to stop myself out when I saw the weakness and the yellow dot on the OSOB. From 9:39 to 10:05, these two trades lasted 26 minutes. Short 10 contracts then long 5, $1,526.50 profit. Can't complain for 26 minutes of work. Once again, look at my risk/reward ratio!
From time to time, visitors email and ask, they have a job and they can only trade pre-market hours, will the system work? The answer is Yes. The system works any time of the day. Some days there are not many activities. In order to make money trading, you do want the market to move. However, many economy reports are released before the open. Overseas news overnight will also move our markets. Here is an example. Obviously there were good news from Asia and Europe, the market was trending higher all night long. The ES was up about 15 points. When I saw a pullback, I pulled the trigger. First 5 contracts made 2.75 points fairly quickly. Once again, the market went in my direction immediately. I had a 3-tick stop. The second 5 contracts took a while to materialize, made another 2.25 points for a total of 5 points on 5 contracts, $1,226 profit. The trades took an hour and 4 minutes to reach their final target. At 7:26 when I saw the EMAs held, I added to my position, set my target and stop (3-ticks), and just let the market choose which way it wanted to hit me first. Patience and discipline is how you survive this business. Many people can not hold their positions through consolidations and minor pullbacks. They take profits too quickly. While the market was grinding higher, the iTunnel held and the price never touched the EMAs.
Overnight trades? No problem. Woke up in the middle of the night (drank too much....) peaked at the chart and saw the bottom. Entered the trade, set the stop and targets and went back to bed. Guess which one was hit? Too bad I didn't wake up at 3:30 AM. That short signal was clear as day. Would have been a beautiful trade. $2,327 profits wasn't bad though, especially when I didn't have to babysit the trade. Took a while to work out, and the second target was right on the swing high and got filled! Lucky, perhaps. (4.75 points = $2,375 profit less commissions. More than enough to pay for the indicator package with just this one trade.)
The system works on all markets and time frames. Below is a trade on GBPUSD. Same setup, same rules. Once again, note how small the risk was compare to the reward (1:5!? I actually didn't set a stop as the trade ran in my favor almost immediately. Also not unusual for the system!) This includes 4+ pips of spread as well!
This is also a good example on how you can use the free NinjaTrader platform to chart the markets with our indicators, while continuing to place trades with your current broker without having to switch.

  Trade was executed with a different broker on MT4 (MetaTrader4) platform. Time on chart = CST. Time on Statement = GMT


The above trade was taken directly from the MT4 platform (PBF indicator package now available for MetaTrader 4 platform at paintbarforex.com) on the 15 min time frame. Near perfect entry with almost no drawdown (although the market retraced all the way but there is nothing to be worried about really. Higher high, higher low, no divergence, just hold onto the trade. Sometimes if you move stop too early, you might get out with a few pips, but you will miss the big move that comes next). Take profit almost at the very top as OSOB began to turn a little bit. Going from extreme to extreme. If this is luck, it appears I got lucky more often than most people!? Trading 1 lot, made 147 pips or $1,470. It was a Friday so I got out. Never hold a trade over the weekend.
Speaking of MetaTrader 4 platform, how about scalping on M1 (1 minute) time frame many Forex day traders are familiar with? No problem! A few pips here, a few pips there, it all adds up. Take small bites until you are full. The most important thing is to find a trading style that fits your personality. The system will work no matter what, as we have demonstrated here. Below are a few trades made in an early morning before the open of the US markets, using OSO/OCO orders with pre-determined stop loss and profit target orders. Once the order is sent, basically I don't even look at the chart any more, until I hear "Order Filled". Eventually one of the two exit orders will get hit, right? Needless to say, the system generates highly accurate signals, often the target is the one that gets hit! Here is $221.31 net profit/lot trading 1 lot after commission (yes, commission!) made in a no stress way, 4 trades, 4 winners, in a relatively quiet market, while making coffee and breakfast, even before I was fully awake and starting the trading day.... 

For trend traders who follow the trend, here is how you scale in and out to capture maximum profit in a trend.  During the 78 minutes on this chart, the market moved roughly 120 pips, yet we captured just 2.2 pips shy of 200 pips.  Once again, find low risk entries on a smaller time frame, and manage positions on a higher time frame for greater profits.  Pay attention once again to the Risk/Reward Ratio, see how tiny the stop is, especially compare to the gain!  (This was from the early morning of the first day when the NFA's "FIFO" rule became effective: First In, First Out. You can not point and shoot which trade to close first. Pretty annoying if you ask me). The System's signals are so accurate, other than the normal spreads, the market almost did not go against me! I was in profit almost immediately on every entry here.  
Have you seen advertisements of some Forex systems proudly present their results like: "Our system generated 500 pips for the month"?  After viewing this trade, what do you think of them now?  Still think 500 pips a month is pretty good?  How about 200 pips in 1.3 hours?  Once you learn how to trade properly, the sky is the limit.  But ONLY if you learn how to trade properly of course.  

Want to see more? If you are still reading this far, you are really in for a treat! I know my website can be very addictive, right? Many have told me they spent days or even weeks living on my website! Below is a GBPJPY trade made on a Sunday night when I was really bored. When there is nothing else to do, the best way to kill time is to make money, right? It was shortly after London open if I remember correctly. Saw a good set up and jumped in. Read the description on the screen shot to learn what I saw and what I was thinking.
See how perfect the entry was? By now you probably have spent a good hour on this page, I hope you see a pattern. A lot of my trades are like this. This one didn't go against me like many others. The entry was perfect. And shortly after the trade was entered, the market fell off the cliff. Now do you really want to "scalp" the M1 chart? I don't know how people develop those systems to aim for 10 pips a trade. Whenever I see a junk mail telling me the next best thing like that, it makes me laugh. Sure, the market doesn't always trend. But when it does, you must be ready. The problem is probably more mental. Most people can't hold onto their winners in fear of losing their profits. But let's see what happened next. 

Trailing a few pips above the iTunnel (actually I didn't trail anything or put a hard stop, I was just watching the money pouring into my account), it would have kept you in the trade. It fell 156 pips at the low. Simply awesome. Now let's look at the 5 min chart for the same period of time. (Yes, the system and indicators work on all markets and time frames. Don't get caught up with "what's the best time frame to trade" as I was asked a million times. There is no best or worst, no better market than the others, it all depends on YOU, your personality and trading style. When you become really good at this game, nothing really matters. You can pretty much trade anything that moves on any time frame). 

But it is always important to trade with more than one time frame. It is a skill you must master. Once you do, trading becomes very simple. Actually trading IS very simple, but it's not easy. There are mental aspects of it you have to overcome. A good system will help you to do that. But you must learn the system and really follow the rules. Be patient, discipline, and spend enough screen time. There is no way around it. One thing I can assure you is, once you "get it", you will never forget it, and the effort will be worth it, because you are pretty much set for the rest of your life knowing you can make money on demand wherever there is internet connection.

Waited a little longer, the market barely moved for quite some time. I closed the trade for $1,546 profit per lot and went to bed. The next day when I look at the chart, you guessed it, of course it fell even more. But hey, $1,546 per lot is not bad for a few clicks and a few minutes of work, right? 
The above trade were made from MetaTrader 4 platform, PBF indicators are now available for MT4. Email for more information if you use MetaTrader. 

What's funny about this trade above is, I bought at 1.32671, turned out the day's low was 1.32586, which means I bought very close to the low of the day, only missed by 8.5 pips. The market turned around and shot up, went as high as 1.35326 with all the positive news coming out overnight and during the day, almost a straight line up. The day's range was 274 pips! Makes me wonder why I got out with 12? LOL! Two hours later I did give it another try, bought at 1.32838. But of course the market stopped me out with only a small profit before it started its rally. Stop placement is really an art, right? If I didn't move my stop to protect my trade, just left it alone and go to bed, I would be richer today. But of course THE most important thing is to follow your own money management rules. If you do everything right, no matter what the outcome is, you did a great job. Moves like this one will happen on a weekly basis if not everyday, so you can not dwell on a lost opportunity and must move on. Very often before the big move occurs, "they" like to "clean up" and push the market around in both directions, stop as many people out as possible, also suck in as many orders in the wrong direction as possible. If you pay attention, you can see the game they play everyday.
A few words about the Forex markets. The Forex markets is one that can consolidate for a long period of time, or trending for days or even months. Because of the pip spreads, we always start a trading with a drawdown. A lot of so-called systems out there teach you how to scalp. 10 pips here, 15 pips there, yes, they all add up. You sit in front of your computer all day long, busy getting in and out of the market. The more trades you make, the higher chance you are going to have losing trades. What if you can catch a trend early, and just ride it up or down? Wouldn't that mean less work, more freedom, better health, and hopefully more profits? Would you be tempted to close your trade if you have open profits like this:   Wouldn't be too bad, right? $8,670 is not an insignificant amount, especially when you already "give back" $460 of profit from the high. But what if you hold onto it? This particular trade was a trend trade. You can't go wrong with the trend. Later on it grew to  Now I made another $2K by being patient. You might say, wait a minute, you gave up nearly $3K of profit. Aren't you nervous or worried? No, I am not. Because it is not over yet. The fat lady hasn't sung so I am holding onto it. Later on it grew to    and then  By the time I was ready to close the trade, it looked like this   Yeah, yeah, I gave up $900 in the end, no one is perfect!! This trade lasted about 12 hours. Shortly after the trade was closed, the market began to retrace and consolidate. But then it began its charge again. So maybe I took profits too early!?
Was the above trade just luck? Not really. Can it happen every day? Probably, probably not, it depends on whether the market moves that much. But you have nearly 3 dozen currencies pairs to choose from, and they do trade 24/5, chances are there is something moving somewhere. Even the Euro probably average between 120 to 150 pips a day easily.This next trade occurred during the 3rd week of December, same as the above trade. It went from  to   to  to  . In fact, I was scaling in and out of the trade, banking profits along the way, at one point I had  If you "happen" to catch the beginning of a nice trend on the forex markets, don't get out too soon. Ride the trend until it ends! And you really only need to "get lucky" once or twice a week to healthily grow your trading account, Don't even bother trading when the markets are not moving. Don't trade with a bunch of amateurs who have no clue which way the market is heading, fight one another to death in a slow and choppy market, just try to pick up 10 pips while risking more than that. You must be patient. Remember, you get paid to wait, not to trade!
Of course, the market doesn't trend every day. Your first job as a trader is to identify what kind of market condition you are in. This is why most automated systems fail. The computers can not see the "big picture", but you can, at a glance. If the market is not trending, you should treat your trades differently. If the market is choppy, you should sit on your hands. If the market is ranging, protect your profits and pay more attention to the OSOB indicator, which works wonder in ranging market condition. Below is a screen shot from the first two live trades taken in 2011 on EURUSD. The market was not trending. So if you don't book your profits in time and try to make gains like the above trades, you will lose it all. As I have not traded for over two weeks during the holidays, I made tiny trades to see if I still have my "touch". Interestingly my entries were okay, but my exits seemed to be perfect! 
Below is the 1 min chart of EURUSD from 1-04-2011. The market was obviously trading in a range. If you simply follow the indicators, buy the blue/green, sell the red/magenta, go with the OSOB, FMA, Paint Bar, Squeeze..... Tell me, how do you lose money? In 2.5 hours, you could buy and sell, go long and short 7 times in a row, and pick up 20-30 easy pips on each trade with very small risk. Can you really find indicators/systems that beat this? I don't think so. If you find one, kindly drop me a line and let me know, please!
b. Let the charts do the talking, so we don't have to! (But we do anyway....)
I am sure you have heard these a million times: 1. It is impossible to pick tops and bottoms of the markets (not that I recommend that you do, but....) 2. We only want to take the middle 50-60% of a move. Hmm...... REALLY? Look at the chart below. What does it say about these two things? Okay, let's just say that we got lucky, that we cherry-picked this chart. Wait until you see the other 100+ charts from different markets and time frames on the website, then make up your mind! Is it possible that we got lucky 100+ times? 

On 8/14/2009, NinjaTrader sent out an email to their subscribers accouncing their partnership with PaintBarFactory.com, our Inbox was flooded with conpliments and requests all day long. One of the visitors asked for CL 8 Range Bar charts during the day, and sent another email in the evening asking how many points could have been made using our system on this day. It's a difficult question to answer, because it depends on one's trading style (as we have demonstrated on the live trading examples above), how many contracts you trade, whether you scale in or scale out, etc, and I believe we could have made more with tick charts instead of Range Bar charts. Since there is not a lot of Range Bar chart examples on our webiste, nor do we have many charts from Crude Oil, we think it would be a good idea to post the entire day's action here for every one to review, especially because the market was trending earlier in the day, and pretty much went into a range later on this Friday afternoon. We marked all the entries mechanically based on the system's rules (so you will mark the same entries as I if you know the system) from opening bell to closing bell, no cherry picking here (unlike other websites you have visited, they only show you charts from trending markets. Any one can be a genius when the market goes in one direction forever). There are 16 valid entry signals for the day for both trend trades and counter trend trades, all of them profitable. (Not that our system never loses a trade. But there are over 100 charts on the website from all markets and time frames. See how many losing trades you could find). Depending on your risk tolerance and trading style, you don't have to take all 16 signals. But if you do, they are all winners anyway. If you didn't take partial profits according to the Paint Bar, FMA, or OSOB indicator at the bottom (which often catches the tops and bottoms of the market, especially in a range bound market) and re-enter or scale in with the trend, let's say you just enter one contract according to the signal, and reverse your position when you get a signal to go in the opposite direction, can you help us count how much profits one could have made on the next 4 charts? (Once again, compare this to most systems out there, which generate only a handful of signals per day, win only half of the time, requires a much bigger stop, and always aim for just a few ticks as their targets....)


 Can you say PERFECT? Happens all the time really!
c. 100% Mechnical System? Automated System? Performance Report?
[*Update for 2012. For more information about Automated Systems, you may visit the "Automated Systems" page on this website. NOT for sale though, so don't ask!]
Strangely enough, lately we received so many emails asking about 100% mechnical systems, automated systems, or whether or not we have a preformance report.  People tell me they subscribe to this website or that service, paying how many hundred dollars per month for an automated system, etc. I must say that I believe a little bit of discretion goes a long way, I am not really a firm believer of automated systems, and since our system is not an automated system, I don't know how I can generate a performance report for you. The indicators will plot exactly the same on your chart as they are on mine, but that doesn't mean you will take every trade I take, or skip trades I don't take. You still have to deal with the devils within yourself. But I got asked so many times, which made me think, maybe it is not a bad idea to post some of the screen shots here. A while back, when I was asked the same questions over and over, I did spend a few nights coding automated systems with the PBF indicators. Those are older charts, because I quickly lost my interest after that. Might as well post them here so you can see what the indicators CAN do if you trade them 100% mechnically, or 100% rule based.
Don't drool, please!
First, all in, all out. In the market all day, reverse or re-enter when necessary. Very simple and straightforward. It doesn't have the huge drawdown associated with many so-called automated systems out there.


Or something a bit more complicated, with "build-in" money management, "super-power-artificial-intelligence-multi-leg-scale-out" system. (LOL)


How about a couple of equity curve pictures?


[*Update for 2012. For more information about Automated Systems, you may visit the "Automated Systems" page on this website. NOT for sale though, so don't ask!]

The above 5 screen shots were saved on November 23rd, 2011. Same strategy was applied on different markets to test its robustness. The most interesting part is, this strategy only has ONE input, which means it can NOT be over optimized. In fact, the top results for each market are very similar. Don't fall for systems that curve fit the market. You need something that works universally across all markets! 

Now, let me show you something..... there is really no word for this, spectacular? 

Profit Factor is 30.50. It wins 90% of the time, while the average win is still larger than the average loss. The largest win is $5,154.40, and largest loss is only $145.20! Maximum Consecutive Winning Trades is 32 wins in a row. Made $12K with $2,395.30 open profit. I really have no words to describe it..... Oh, forgot to mention, this is trading MINI lot, not standard full lot! So if you trade full lots, just time the profits by 10! 
Here is what I call a "Superman" strategy on what was ER2 back in old days. (I have "Batman" and "Spiderman", too!)

I have some screen shot saved for Forex markets, they worked there, too. But I am not going to post them, I think you get the idea.
Please don't email me and ask how much they cost. I am not selling them. I have a rule. If I don't use something in my live account, I don't share them. And I have never traded any of these live. Like you, I am skeptical. Even though I coded these myself and watched them work in front of my own eyes, I am still skeptical! (Weird....) I still believe if one learns how to trade properly, human brain can beat any computer programs. Not to mention the drawdown with automated systems, which I hate with all my heart... I am posting those screen shots not because I want to sell them or start a subscription service. You can find many worse strategies out there and they will happily charge you hundreds of dollars month after month. Rather, I just want you to see what our indicators can do even if you trade them in a 100% mechanical way without any discretion. Computers don't think, they just do. Lastly, if I don't want to sell you these strategies, what are the odds you think I would actually share the code of the indicators with you? Pretty slim I will say, so please don't ask for it, either. Under no circumstance will I share even part of the code with you.
[*Update for 2012. For more information about Automated Systems, you may visit the "Automated Systems" page on this website. NOT for sale though, so don't ask!]
CHAPTER 2: What They Say
          This was from a customer who just purchased our indicator package:

Hi again,

You’re spoiling me with this quick thorough responses!

As with most people, yourself likely included, I’ve spent a small fortune searching for a system that I could call my own.. In fact I had not purchased one in ages until I came across your website. The collection of charts you posted and the ones you sent me of last Friday won me over… I could see how intuitive things were and how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together.. If anything, my biggest fault is my penchant for over analysis. And I’m already thrilled you will likely be there to answer any questions I might have along the way. Now I’m just in the process of getting impatient with TS for not getting me my [customer] number ASAP so I can go play!

I hope this finds you well and that you have a great weekend… Now time to go play with my kids.

Talk soon.

P. P., NY

From the same customer above after trading the system for the very first day:
K… mmmm how to put this…. Are you kidding me??????

These indicators are incredible!!! Holy moly… I set up my charts like you.. a 133t, 510t and took only conservative setups, only traded in sim with 3 contracts and my own money management system (getting 2 contracts out at one point and trailing the stop on my runner) and am up almost 2K!! and I even missed a whole bunch of trades..

I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you this.. but you nailed it man… kudos to you.. and to me for finally finding you!!

Hope you’re well and talk soon!

P. P., NY

This was from another customer who just purchased our indicators and traded with them on the first day, made $4,007.50:
Hey guys,  I only had time to play around with squeeze bar indicator last night and it more than kicked but today.  Please check out my screen capture!  Hoping to get the other indicators on by the end of the week.  Went ahead and also purchased PB_DIRECTION TODAY.

I hope to get the indicator soon.  You guys rock!


Armando P., IL
From the same customer above after trading the system for five consecutive days, no losing day in a 5-day run:
Ok, I know you're probably getting sick of me praising you guys, but I continued to be amazed at how effective your indicators are.  I've included a screen shot of my broker's customer portal to show you my 5 day run since I started using Squeeze and PB_Direction.  I'm confident I can continue my success with just those two indicators, but based on the confidence I've gained from your products I have to give the Holy Grail a try.
Armando P., IL

Trading System and Custom Indicators for TradeStation, NinjaTrader,
MultiCharts and MCFX Pro
for Stocks, Futures, Forex, all markets and all Time Frames!

We have purchased and subscribed to many systems and indicator packages on the market today before developed our own. We are confident that our trading system and indicators are the fastest, most responsive, accurate, intuitive, precise, simple yet powerful, compare with many $5,000+ systems out there, with less than half on the price tag. We have posted more than enough charts on the website to prove that.

Here is what some of our customers have to say: 


Just wanted to applaud you for a product that delivers what the developers claim!! I have been trading for many years and have come across all kinds of courses, strategies and claim to fames that range in cost from free to $50K!! WELL PBF DELIVERS!! The system is easy to understand and since I've been using it, it has more than paid for the cost of the entire indicator package.
The support from PBF is very prompt and they are eager to answer any questions that arise. My trading success rate since I started using PBF's indicators is above 90%!!! It now seems that I expect to take profit rather than hope to take profit. This is truly a great product!!!
Thank you for your continued support,
Gerald B., Canada
Umm yesterday I took 8 points in one hit, caught the majority of the down move!!!! made another 3 points on the up. Also took 6 points in premarket, not a bad day in the office!! The trend trade is awesome, I went to bed with nearly 20 points last night, I haven't made this in 1 week before!!!

Tonight I scaled the signals all the way down for 1.5 to 3 points each time it bounced off the EMA's and got the red candle, got out first sign of buying. I scalped a bit here and there, all the same, bit more commission today but so what!!! 12 points in total in 1/2 hour of work. 12 points on any day is a great day, I used to think 4 was awesome.

I trade for 2 hours maximum, that's my limit during US trade, I keep an eye on the premarket 2 hours before the open to see if anything is happening also. Pre market works great with the signals as it is slow and easy to pick.

Thanks a million

Mitch C., Australia
Dear PBF,

I can honestly say that I have bought countless indicators, trading materials, software, etc. If I bought only your Squeeze indicator, I may have not understood everything correctly in the manual, and over time, I may have given up on it and moved onto something else...like I have done so many times in the past. But the thing that differentiates you and makes you head & shoulders above the rest is your willingness to offer a tremendous amount of help, both before and after I made my purchase. Had it not been for your taking the time to answer my questions, point out many subtle nuances with the indicator, and send me all those wonderful charts, I may not have gotten as far as I have with it. So from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for all your help and kindness. You rate an AAA+++++ in customer service!

Laura F., Los Angeles, CA

How are you? PBF indicators are working fantastic! I am making money consistently for the first time in 15 years! I know my trading will improve as I become more familiar with the setups. Thank you for answering every one of my e-mails to help me become a profitable trader. It's like starting a new career. All the best to you and I hope one day I can meet and personally thank you.

Steven P., Ontario, Canada


Thank you for the quick response. I already feel comfortable with the indicators and I am sure that I will feel the same with this remarkable "HOLY GRAIL" after a short time playing with it on my charts. Thank you VERY VERY MUCH for these remarkable visual tools that will allow anyone to read the markets like a map. I have heard people hawk their software to that phrase and that turned out not to be true. You don't use that phrase but your software fits it to a tee.


Peter C., VT
Your system is working beyond expectations. I've cleared $20,000 in 5 days---and the batting average (wins vs. losses) is better than expected---about 79% positive wins. No losing days---not even near.
Daniel B., CA

I am a new subscriber to TradeStation (TS) and stumbled upon the link to your web site several weeks ago while searching for software products that work very well with TS. I migrated to TS so that I can write customized programs using EasyLanguage and also backtest my trading strategies. I am a Swing Trader in stocks and options.

I was extremely amazed at the detailed level of information that you posted on your web site about your products; live charts upon live charts that demonstrated the versatility and applicability of your products across many trading instruments and time lines. I even asked for a comparison of your software to Fast Stochastics (FS) indicator that I used for trading and the next day I received a smoothened out version that you developed (PBF_Stochastics) specifically to answer my questions. It is far easier to read than any version that I have seen anywhere, all at no cost. These, plus the very quick responses to e-mail questions, convinced me that you are for real. The most gratifying aspect of all our interactions is that you NEVER once even asked me to buy your product!

You were very patient with me and responded to ALL my e-mail questions within 24 hours, which is unheard of in the industry. You are so confident about yourself and your products that you even referred me to the book " Swing Trading??" to learn more about the Scalper indicator trading concept. I am happy to confirm that I am now a very proud owner of all your products, including the Holy Grail!

From my experience so far, the accuracy of your signals is unparalleled in the industry. You are in a class all by yourself. Please keep up the good work! Congrats on adding the MultiCharts version to your slew of products. Please feel free to put up this e-mail at your web site.

Ayo Koyejo, TX
First of all thanks for another big winner day thanks to the help of the squeeze. I trade so much more relaxed now thanks to your indicator and the divergences are fantastic also.

I really like the squeeze. It really is quite an amazing job you have done there. I can’t believe this squeeze. I continued trading my method that I do but included the squeeze on the four time frames you sent me and Yowza. Made 6 pts already for the morning. I find the squeeze helps me stay out of trades and with a little discretion on my part it already seems to have helped. I see how easy it helps my stuff it’s basically a no brainer, but I would still like to get all your stuff and see what I can learn, add, test, etc. With time, I would like to see how you trade your system and indicators and see what I can put together that makes me feel comfortable to trade with. To be quite honest I think I’m already good enough with the squeeze alone, but I believe 2500 dollars is a small price to pay for stuff that works. Cutting corners on trading education and stuff that works is stupid, but with so many crooks out there its no wonder why we choose to.

Once again I catch myself asking difficult questions but I hope you understand where I’m coming from, I have lost a lot of money earlier with so so systems and then going live with them. My system that I have right now is the best I have but it doesn't give me 80 percent success plus it gives way to many contradictory signals. I have come to a conclusion after reading many trading psych books that my psyche at this point is not the real problem, it’s my statistical edge with the systems I traded with. I very much hope you can help me with this issue so I can finally trade a system that has a high success rate.

Oh, and by the way you can write to your heart’s content in these emails, I enjoy reading them thoroughly, its educational to look into your brain. Oh look, another winner that didn't go anywhere near my stop. If I keep this up I think my daughter’s trip to Disneyland might actually be around the corner.

Your squeeze is worth its weight in Gold and is a major part of my arsenal now. Your stuff is life changing!

Trading with less stress!

Constantine, Canada
I have been trading off and on for 6 years and have definitely put more money into the market than I have pulled out. I have bought lots of packages, indicators, and guru’s advice. None reliably worked and I always seemed to lose money.

When I saw the PaintBarFactory.com, I was thinking of getting the other squeeze indicator. Many of the sites examples compared the two squeezes and it was clear their indicators were much faster. I was concerned about the sites lack of personal names, address, and/or phone numbers but kept looking at the example charts and was very impressed.

I decided to give it a try and bought their package and later bought the Holy Grail as well. The indicators are incredibly fast and I feel like I know what the market is going to do before it does. The squeeze indicator is incredible and has a lot of information backed into a small space. I recently got proficient with the squeeze divergence and trend line methods of anticipating a trend change and it is very accurate.

I used the technical support a number of times and it was consistently great. You do have to wait for the market to close, but always got a thorough and prompt response. There were a number of times that a text message would be sufficient, but they went the extra mile and included a screen shot with explaining text and arrows as well. I found this combination very effective in getting the answer across.

For me the real breakthrough came when I got better at looking at the market at multiple time frames. On the ES I would first anticipate the trade on the 512 tick, but would time the entry on 52 tick chart. I would get in very near the bottom and frequently not even approach my stops.

This is not a sure thing where you just get signals and you are profitable. You still need to study the charts, study the indicators, and understand which signals you should take and which ones you should not. But the tools to get there are definitely in this package and within reach.

I just finished my first week of real trading and have averaged over $650 per day for one contract. I am looking forward to ramping up the number of contracts as my confidence builds. With this set of indicators I spend most of the time with a profit on the trade and just wait a short time for the market to hit my profit goals.

Leland H. San Jose, CA


CHAPTER 3: What We Say

Before we start, we would like to point out that three things on this website are guaranteed:
1. All testimonials are from customers who trade with our indicators. If the majority of them happen to mention the same things from their experiences, such as accuracy of the signals, quick and thorough responses to requests and questions, etc., it is probably true.
2. Charts on this website were picked at random. Most of them were requested by visitors and customers on tough trading days when they lost money. We do not cherry-pick charts and only show you what have worked. As you will see, there are some pretty ugly charts on the website. If you are still not convinced by these charts, and think they are "too good to be true", you are welcome to request charts from any day, any specific hours, any symbol, any time frame, from the worst trading day you have ever experienced, to compare with whatever expensive systems you are trading with right now.
Most people who requested charts ended up purchasing our trading indicators/system.
3. The indicators will not go back and re-dot, re-paint, re-plot themselves after a bar is closed, so what you see is what you get. (The Scalper Dots work somewhat differently, please read about it on the "Show Me" page, or watch live videos on "Trial/Video" page). Because some visitors do think the charts look "too good to be true". We have purchased indicators that change the plots after the fact for no other reason than just making the charts look nice, while it is completely useless, even frustrating, in real time trading. We do not do that. We designed those indicators, first and foremost, for our own trading. We certainly don't want to confuse ourselves. 

CHAPTER 4: The System

What makes our system/indicators Superior than the others?
Without giving it away too much, in a nutshell, we have a methodology that allows us to identify both trend and counter trend trades wtih high probability and accuracy. Then we designed and fine-tuned a set of indicators to work for that system. Our indicators have two main characters that are responsible for the success of the system. They are FAST and SMOOTH. Normally, fast indicators are noisy and choppy, they give too many false signals and they are almost not tradeable, for you never know which signal will work out. Smooth indicators are usually lagging. They are able to filter out some noises caused by price action, but they often give late signals which increase your risk. Our indicators are fast AND smooth. Fast to give you an early entry with minimum risk, smooth to filter out noises along the way for maximum profit. This, couples with our unique approach which pairs a faster and a slower/more stable indicator in each department, makes our system superior than the others with a very high success rate. Most systems out there only work (if they do work) when the market is trending, you give your profit back when the market is bouncing; and the market only trends 20% of the time. Our system works in any market conditons. In fact, it shines even more when the market trades in a range.  
Many trading systems and indicator packages on the market today all have one thing in common: they "wait" for a "confirmation" using lagging indicators to tell them that a new trend is "developing" to "safely" enter the market. That, to us, is late to the party and not safe at all. If this "new trend" is short-lived, which we have no way of knowing until after the fact, that means very likely you are buying the tops or selling the bottoms. In trading, we like to spot the markets' potential turning points ahead of the time, safely get in before the crowd, ride the trend for as long as possible if it develops, while minimizing the initial risk with a very small stop. If this is also your idea of trading, you need to study our trading system and get the indicator package. We know every one claims the same thing on the internet, but we are different, and we post more than enough charts here to prove that. Charts don't lie. Compare our charts with theirs and you will see the obvious differences. We encourage visitors to request charts from us and compare with what they have. Very often, we found when PBF traders are exiting, the other systems using lagging indicators have just "confirmed" the new "trend", and finally generated an entry signal. Our Squeeze indicator often gives signals 3-5 bars sooner than the other well-known Squeeze indicator. Our powerful trading rules allow you to enter a position even before the Squeeze "fires up", which you will not be able to do with the other Squeeze due to its lagging and imprecise nature. Our Paint Bar Studies often changes color at the very beginning of a reversal, yet still able to filter out all the noises along the way, and lead you through the whole ride. This is our idea of trading, this is how we like to trade, and this is what those indicators are designed to do. We locked ourselves in the lab, working very hard for a very long period of time to come up with these indicators for our own trading. Obviously, we didn't realize what we have created until we started sharing them, and receiving so many wonderful feedbacks from satisfied happy customers, especially from veteran traders who own many other expensive systems and indicator packages. It makes us proud to see that they have abandoned these expensive systems and indicators, and trade with our indicators exclusively.
These indicators don't give conflicting signals. Rather, one may serve as a filter for another, a "heads-up", or a confirmation. When everything aligns, the probability of winning is very high. We do not like to plot 100 indicators to clutter our charts, rather, we want more information in the main indicators we trade with. Take the Squeeze for example, it has 5 different calculations built in (it is NOT simply a modified Momentum or CCI as some might wonder). The PB_DIRECTION also has a number complicated calculations built inside each candlestick, and it works like a charm with the Squeeze. "Holy Grail", the latest member of the PBF family, has made our trading a lot easier. The Moving Averages are also a critical part of the system and serve as an important filter. The iTunnel is excellent in gauging the trend, and placing trailing stops. The Scalper Dots find swing highs and lows with almost 100% accuracy. We use them to help us identify the market structure and price action at a glance in real time (higher lows, lower highs, etc). They are also good places to draw trendlines (just "connect the dots") and trail stops. The TrendBars might keep you in a trade longer, while the OSOB does an amazing job in finding tops and bottoms of the markets, especially in a non-trending market. They are designed as a whole to work together, each one serves its purpose very well. 
We don't throw out random, lagging and useless indicators one by one, while one has little or nothing to do with another. Rather, we have a very profitable and powerful trading SYSTEM first. The System has 3 setups which allow you to take trend trades as well as counter-trend trades. Then we custom designed these indicators for the system. Our indicators have low lag, if not non-lagging. They reflect the price actions quickly and faithfully. If it is lagging, it is by design for its purpose in the system. They work flawlessly together like an NBA Championship team. We created these indicators for our own trading. We never thought one day we would share these indicators and the system with others. We started this website by accident. Read our interesting story on "About Us" page. 
-You always find out who's been swimming naked when the tide goes out. We found out that Wall Street has been kind of a nudist beach - Warren Buffett.

CHAPTER 5: More of What They Say 

* I cannot express how grateful I am to have discovered your indicators and purchased them. Only having them for one week, I am making significant improvements in my trading. You simply have no idea how revolutionary your indicators have been to my trading and ultimately how helpful they have been in my efforts to provide for my family. A million thank you's would be insufficient. Bravo...well done! ............ David A., MI 
* Let me just say "wow"!  I love your thinking here, you have nailed this. You took extraordinarily complicated things and sliced and diced them down to the most essential, effective and visually most useful! I am not saying this as some kind of neophyte but as someone who actually makes a very good living from trading. You crach me up with the "I don't like drawdown" and such. I'm always saying that to my trading buddy and he's always sternly admonishing me that it's "just part of trading." To that I say... well you know... "B.S."  Thanks for all your work, this is going to be a GREAT addition to my trading. .............. Max V., CA
* What can I say, very slow day, choppy...  Your indicators helped me take profitable trades in the morning and late afternoon (47 ticks)!!!  And the most important part of it is that it helped us stay away from all the rest of the day Thanks ..... David, TX
* Holy #@!$ Batman!  I’ve been using TradeStation since 1994 and have never seen indicators or a system quite like the PBF methodology (and I’ve pretty much bought them all). This was the best purchase ever made! (and finally last:)  Thanks again, C. A. D., IL

*  .....The indicators are GREAT. I got them imported to Ninja yesterday, set up my charts and this morning around 6 am I made $1184 in 5 minutes. The indicators are very user friendly and fit right in with my style of trading. The iTunnel, Scalper Dots and really the entire system read the market quite well to get me in and out of the market at the right time. I read all of the two manuals this afternoon and this reading will add even more to a positive understanding and sure profits to my trading account. It is good to know that there are  people in the industry like you who sell a quality product to small investors like me. ........Colin S. MS


*  ..... The results I get from every Indicator/PaintBar that I've purchased from your Company and plotted on my charts leaves me speechless.  There is NOTHING else like this!  ...................Talvin P., TX
*.......... Congratulations on a wonderful product! It is evident that you have put much time, effort and personal pride into your Holy Grail indictor. I am amazed how accurate it is in putting you immediately on the right side of the trade....................James S., Branchville, NJ
*.......... Just wanted to send a quick note on the PBF indicators I have bought.  I have to tell you that it has made a significant difference in my trading in only a few short days It literally has kept me out of trouble, and has kept me in the right direction.  ......... it is accurate every time if you allow all the signals to develop for the trade.  ............ each day is better and better. ........... just simply WONDERFUL.  ........... Thanks again for all the help in answering my questions and concerns before and after the purchase. ...........Dave R., MI
* I am super impressed with your customer service. You have always without exception answered my emails promptly. Thank you! And the indicators... what can I say; these words come to mind, intuitive, synergy, PROFIT. Creators of these indicators without a doubt know how markets work and to code the indicators that work so well, another word comes to mind... GENIOUS!!! ......You put other companies customer service to shame or should I say they rather look like a sham! ...... you have replied to every single email promptly, kindly and there is only so much time in the day.  I want you to know that when I say Thank you... I mean it with every single atom in my body. Thank you!................... Ray S., IA
* I have been actively trading for over thirty years. I have used so many different indicators and ocillators. None have even been close to the accuracy and timeliness of the squeeze and PBF direction. I had used an ocillator that I had purchased and was satisfied with until I purchased the squeeze. I ran them both on my charts and was amazed at how the squeeze would react sooner and make calls that my other ocillator didn't pick up.............. Also I would like to commend you on your excellent service. Everytime I have had a question or a situation my e mail was answered very quickly and completely. Great Job. ............. James De Roze, Springfield, Illinois
* .............. Within days of getting the Squeeze I realised those examples on the site are not picked at random to "look good" you pick any market, any day and the setups are there time and time again..................How you can charge so little for something this awesome is beyond me. After years of "hit and miss" trading, the Squeeze has enabled me to now expect to win time and again, day in, day out. I cannot thank you enough for the Squeeze and for your ongoing support. .................... PK Kent, UK 
* Holy mama!! I am in the trade with 25 PIPs profit so far and MOVE the stop loss as you suggested. The GREAT thing is to spot the trade so EASY!!! with your Holy holy grail indicator. You really change my trading career now!! I wish that I can take you to the pub for works well done :-) Many many thanks................ Long P., Australia
* I quickly read your email earlier and then sent back my thank you.  I have just now finished studying your email and going over the website areas you suggested (there is much more studying to be done).  Again, I am amazed and grateful that you would take so much time to think through and give such great guidance as you did.  I know before I purchased the indicators you told me that rather than spend a lot of time answering questions for the “tire kickers” you prefer to spend it helping those who have purchased your indicatorsAlthough there is certainly no implied obligation to counsel those who have purchased from you, your willingness to help is unique among those who sell indicators (besides your indicators are the best) and hugely appreciated. ........ Steve R.
* Wow, these indicators work for me! I've had 4 winners out of 5 so far today (and I chickened out prematurely on that one, I'd have had 5 winners if I'd held). I wasn't around for the bigger moves, this was just trading the shallow trends up and down on a 50 tick with the single fast EMA and the Squeeze, for 20 point targets in the book on CL. .............. Max R., UK
* ....... First I want to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. The indicators I got from you, Squeeze, OSOB, Trend Bars, 2 and 3 MA, other and very specially Holy Grail are ........  FANTASTIC !!!!!!!!!!!  I am actually making money with ES.  That is something I was not able to do after spending a lot of money on other not so great indicators and bad advise. ................ Ed E., OH
* Thank you PBF, What fantastic support you give to a "newbie" like me . Wish there were more people like you in this trading world! ( feel free to use that comment in your testimonials). ................. S. M., UK


PBF has completely change my life and the way I trade! Before discovering PBF, I was as good as trading blindly.

I challenged him to 2 of my worst trading day on the ER2, I suffered a loss of about $2500 during those 2 days, upon seeing his charts, I could have made at least $3000 instead. That's when I bought the whole package even though my TradeStation account was not even opened yet.

Signals to enter & exit are very clear and precise, unlike other packages which are being sold on the Internet. It catches the turn of the trend at or very near the pivot points, allowing me to set my stop loss with very little $ risked. I've read many books and attended many seminars that cost thousands of dollars. Nothing can be compared with PBF indicators! So far I have not had a losing day!

The email support is superb and friendly! The winning rate of this system is as high as 95-98%, losses are very very tiny. I made back the cost of the PBF Package within one day, using only 1 ES E-Mini contract.

These are indicators invented by a trader who uses the indicators himself to trade for a living!

Keep up the good work!

Shu Jing, Singapore
I would be glad to give you a testimonial, It wouldn't be hard to write one. Your email response time is top notch, I have never experienced the detail and mentoring in your emails from other vendors in the past. Even after I purchased the indicator package, your email responses are more than a quick response to a question, they are very detailed and inspiring, every single question was answered all the time. This is what customer service is all about! As far as your actual indicators, so far so good. I have only traded in Sim with your indicators and all I can say is wow. I haven't really mastered them yet, and the first day trading with them is a complete success, and I didn't even get in at the correct fills like I was suppose to. If I were to fire off these trades when the indicators lined up, then my sim results would be 10 times better. Guys & Gals, if your thinking about purchasing but your going to pass it up and going with another vendor that is cheaper or with a vendor that has a monthly subscription chat room, your making a big mistake. Take it from me, no chat room can replace the PBF indicators and the follow-up emails from PBF. I don't want to sound like a broken sales guy, but really, It doesn't matter if you go with PBF or not. The most important thing is, I have the PBF indicators. I thank everyone that do not have the PBF indicators, because trading is a zero-sum game. With the indicators, I will win most of the time, so thank you for giving me your money. But really, I could go on and on about this stuff. I am so glad I have found PBF. For once in my trading life, I feel that I now control my trading, I don't have to rely on another chat room to tell me to take a trade. Now I know when to take the trade, and at a better fill than those other so called guru's. Have you ever emailed those other guru's? what was the response time on those emails? and how in depth were those emails responses? One or two lines? Exactly! Just go through the PBF web site, have you noticed a ton of information and details, and lets not forget those charts. All those charts and then some. And to PBF, this will not be the only testimonial from me. Just wait till I trade with my live account with your indicators. PBF, If anyone one asks, you can give them my email address. - Micky, Las Vegas

Just wanted to drop you another email to thank you AGAIN. Just logged on and snagged a total of 57 points on GC with 2 contracts and I'm done for the day after 30 minutes. I have been profitable 9 days in a row now, day trading the GC. They say GC is dangerous to day trade due to the volatility and the popping/jumping of the ticks. But with the PBF and HG indicators, I have been net profitable for 9 days in a row. Learning not to be greedy and not over trading. Learning how to be patient and just take what I see now. So PBF, thank you for these sets of indicators, I am on my way to gain back most of my losses that I have taken with my other useless lagging 3rd party indicators and trading chat rooms. Hats off to you, and have fun in Hawaii later this month, you sure earned it! Micky


I've been investing for 27 years, equities mainly. I've been a day trader only about 1 1/2 years.

I've been utilizing PBF tools for a bit over a year. PBF has made a huge difference in my day trading---which almost had a short life, had it not been for PBF. The month prior to finding PBF was a nasty 5 digit loss. My first month after using PBF, was a very decent 5 digit positive---and, it's been a consistent trading experience since then. (except in October last year when the CME changed it's transaction data---and I couldn't figure it out, until I asked Sebastian and he referred me to his site).

Now, I'm looking to have an adjunct to day trading that makes passive money while I'm day trading, vacationing, or just spending time with the family.

I started trading full time shortly after utilizing PBF indicators. I have 2 young children ages 4 and 6. It's been very nice not to have to commute and be able to see more of my family. I had started to feel that being a day trader was going to be a short-lived hobby. I'm glad I stuck with it and found PBF.

Daniel B., CA
I would like to say that after a lot of research and questions to the PBF support team I decided to purchase the squeeze. After purchasing it, a short time later I received the indicator. It was very easy to install and was adaptable to ANY time frame. I did some testing on different indices and commodites and the things were soooooo consistent as advertised....After going live all i have to say is...THE SQUEEZE FLAT OUT WORKS....It works in long trending and short term trades, with ANY time frame.....Not only does it work just as stated but the customer service is second to none...I sent PBF support tons of questions and MINUTES not hours later I get an answer back. Most people or companies sell you their stuff and then dont show support but PBF does offer great support. I am now sold on the entire PBF program(s) and will be purchasing more as time goes on. If you have not had much success with trading then I HIGHLY recommend that you get the SQUEEZE....if you do that then I strongly believe that your trading career can go to the next level...I am thoroughly impressed, marvelously thrilled, and totally satisfied!
Brian K., NC

 CHAPTER 6: Do's and Don'ts

  • What we do that others do not:
1. We post charts after charts with clear signals to demonstrate how our system is superior than the others. We have charts from all markets: Stocks, Futures, Forex; and all time frames: Tick charts, Volume Charts, Minute charts, Daily charts, etc. How many websites that offer trading indicators/systems you visited show you more than one or two charts for each indicator? If only one or two charts are shown, we have reasons to believe they are cherry-picked. From our own experiences, we certainly have difficulties spending any money on something like that. $100 can be expensive if the tools you purchase are useless. $2,500 is cheap if the tools you acquire can help making your money back many times over and then some. Don't waste your money on something that doesn't work, no matter what the price tag is. Money should not be the main consideration when it comes to trading tools and education. It is trading we are talking about after all. We all know how much money can be made or lost in the blink of an eye. 
2. We answer emails and provide support promptly, in the spirit of Traders help Traders, often within the hours upon the closing of the US Futures markets. We believe in Karma: the more we give (to others), the more we receive (from the markets). The opposite could be true: The more one steals (from others), the more one pays back (to the markets). There are reasons why a trader is struggling and not profitable, more than just not having a good trading system, indicators, software, or methodology to trade the markets. We are traders ourselves, we use the same indicators to trade. In most cases, you do have to wait till after 4 PM EST to hear from us, as trading is still our priority. But no questions will be left unanswered. Many testimonials from our custoerms will vouch for this. The system is fairly easy to understand and the signals are clearly defined. While this is not a 100% mechanical system (do you know any 100% mechanical system that works consistently?) after studying the manual, if we look at the same charts, we should be able to identify exact same entries (In this sense, it IS mechanical). However, if you need any further assistance or would like to discuss the nuances of the system, we will always be happy to exchange ideas with you.
  • What others do that we do not:
1. We do not do hard sales. There is a lot of information on this website accompanied by a lot of charts for you to review. We suggest that you read every page and study the charts, so you can make an educated decision on which indicator(s) better fit your needs. Seeing is believing. These charting examples should clearly illustrate how effective the system is. The charts do the sales so we don't have to. You have all the reasons and rights to be skeptical. But if you don't think or believe it can be done, it probably can't be done for you.
2. We do not collect email addresses or mailing lists. We don't offer useless eBook in exchange for your email address. Anything we want to share will be either in the manuals, or posted on the "Trading Tips" page of this website. If you send us an email asking for charts or questions, you will always get an answer. If you decide to stop writing, we will not spam you with more emails in the future offering a discount, or recommending other companies. We are not affiliated with anyone else. There is no "second chance offer", there is no "anniversary sale", there is no "happy birthday coupon". If you don't email us, we don't even know that you exist. 
3. We do not hire salesmen who don't know how to trade to answer your questions. We answer emails ourselves, often in great details. We are traders who think we might have found something that's worth sharing, not a big company selling over-priced indicators as a main business.

CHAPTER 7: Yet There Is More of What They Say  


* ........ Your site seems very compelling, honest, and complete. That is what I appreciated about it the most. I will say that initially, I passed over it because it looked from the initial glance (first impression) as a site sort of thrown together. But once I started reading and looking at the charts I knew that it wasn't a site without significant depth. Then, as I read everything else on your site, I realized how you did business and made no apologies for the fact that you are traders first, developers second. I greatly appreciated that and the no-apologies approach to your method of communication. I am glad that you are willing to share your indicators. ...........Daniel B., CA
* ........ I am so glad to have discovered your web site and the powerful Squeeze and Holy Grail indicators ............ I have gone from a trader with mostly consistent loses to a trader with mostly consistent wins.  ........... having your products on my Ninja charts is like having a lantern to lighten a dark and confusing pathway.  Thank you again for your masterpieces.  You have helped me more than what I can possibly say.    I am deeply indebted to you for creating such powerful tools.  ........ it has made a revolutionary change in my trading.   Truely Grateful, David A., MI

* ........ I just wanted to let you know that your indicator's and the "Squeeze" in particular are the greatest things I've found in more than 40 year's of trading. I've had a measure of success over the years but have never really felt fully confident when making trade entries. However I can honestly say that the "Squeeze" has now overcome that problem for me.....I now feel fully confident of making a high percentage of successful entries. When the "Squeeze" is used with confirmation from the "OSOB" (over sold over bought) indicator it's sheer dynamite. ......Can't thank you enough PBF. ............... Joe Platt Branson, Missouri
* Hey guys,  I only had time to play around with squeeze bar indicator last night and it more than kicked but today.  Please check out my screen capture!  (PBF: Screen capture posted on the Testimonial page. This gentleman made $4,007.50 on the very first day he traded with our indicators.) Hoping to get the other indicators on by the end of the week.  Went ahead and also purchased PB_DIRECTION TODAY. I hope to get the indicator soon.  You guys rock! Gratefully, Armando P., IL
* ........ I have been trading the ES and I find that their divergence plays are without doubt unbelievable. ....... I believe that is a high percentage play.  That occurrence which happens frequently in the day is worth 5 times the price of the product alone.  The Add On Pressure Volume Bar indicator that is thrown in for free will confirm many support and resistance points that you might want to take a trade at. 
You folks at the Paint Bar Factory great product at a Fair Price ............ Chuck T., IL
Got them - love them..............You did such a great job on your website, I was quite familiar with them before they came! Your website is the best "indicator" website I have ever seen ............... Your squeeze intrigued me, so I just decided to get them all! Your personal commentary was a highlight on your website. Congratulations .............. Patricia H., FL
* I have been using the Squeeze for a month now, and for the first time, have found an indicator that is reliable, and what is more important, easily and unequivocally interpretable ................. Thank you for being so unselfish as to distribute these indicators to others. I really appreciate that..................... Arne F., Switzerland
* I've been trading full time for quite a few years now and have never been fully satisfied with the indicators I've used on my lower time frame charts...until now. Using your Squeeze indicator, I've finally found something that I really like for scalping, or for initiating an intended longer term trade off a lower time frame signal. The Squeeze indicator really is very very good. Many thanks! .............. Alan B. France
* Much thanks for the Squeeze. I can't believe how powerful it is. I've been studying it the last couple of days and you could essentially make a killing just looking for divergences between the squeeze and price. I cannot tell you how much easier trading will be for me having this baby around. Man, it's impressive. Simply phenomenal. ..................Jason L., HI
....... I was certainly finding it very difficult grappling with the various technical indicators available out there.....until I came across your product which to my immense surprise worked like magic solving my quandary....I no longer needed to sift through umpteen number of indicators to test the outcomes...I had found the key to successful trading in your simple, easy to follow indicator tools. They not only delivered successful results for me, but within a very short space of time I was confidently trading like a pro. What's more PBF delivers what no other similar business out there does - real value added service - the personal support and timely guidance that I received from PBF is truly commendable...many thanks PBF........... Mitesh, London, UK
* Am excited and scared - when I have traded the [Holy] grail it has been phenomenally successful - in fact I have been almost 90% on the money using the grail - a far cry from my day job programming 14 hour days with no lunch break! Hence hoping to leave my job imminently to get me out of the hell and into the dream of trading full time for my living..... PK, UK

* ...... I spent a lot of time over the past couple weeks learning your indicators. I pulled up a lot of historical data, and I clicked forward one bar at a time, until I felt comfortable with what your indicators were telling me. I honestly spent over 100 hours in the past 10 days doing this. I must say that I am now completely blown away by the holy grail indicator....WHAT A MASTERPIECE!!!! It really does an incredible job keeping a trader on the right side of the market.  ..... I found a trade setup on the HG that I backtested over a one week period, and the results were incredible (over 100 PIPS a day on the Euro/Dollar)...... All I can say is that I am so thankful that I ran into you.

Mark S., MO


To prospective PBF customers:                                                                 June 30, 2010

I have purchased the PBF indicators and enrolled in the Tent Trading course.  Here are some of my observations. 
  1. The PBF web site is the most comprehensive one I have seen.  Extensive screen shots are shown to illustrate both the indicators and the tents.  There was no attempt to “cherry pick“  the illustrations.  I have found both the indicators and the tent training to be excellent.
  2. PBF offers the best online support I have experienced.  Emails are answered promptly (after market hours) with detailed responses to queries.  I cannot imagine any better technical support.
  3. Both the indicators and the tests show creative originality.  The products produced by PBF are definitely far above the typical offerings in the field of technical analysis.

I have no financial relationship with PBF other than being a very satisfied customer.




I believe it was Einstein who said, "If you think education is expensive, try ignorance". While this is not an educational service and we are not qualified Investment Advisors, using the right tools will help you get the results you want. You can either invest a small sum of money for the best tools on the market today, and make profits day after day for the rest of your trading career, or you can trade with expensive yet confusing indicators that don't live up to their price tags, and pay your tuition to the market. If you have been around for a while, you probably have spent thousands, if not tens of thousands, buying systems and trading courses, leasing indicators, going to expensive seminars and classes, yet still don't get results like most traders. The indicators offered here are the best we have seen, and believe me when I say we have seen a lot. A few of them were inspired but re-designed from expensive indicators we have purchased/leased. Some of them may look similar but they are completely different! (Lines, dots, histograms, what else can you do?) Compare with many other companies that are selling/leasing indicators, we think we are offering a bargain. The bottom line is, they WORK! These indicators are easy to use and designed to be intuitive. Some of the lines and dots other companies are selling, I can't for the love of my mother figure out what they are trying to tell me. They only clutter our charts and make a mess! Most of other companies, however, have dozens of pages and thousands of words telling you how great their indicators are with outrageous price tags, but only show you one or two charts, if at all, to "illustrate". If I am going to invest between $3,500 to $6,000+ buying trading systems or indicators, I want to see more than just a couple of charts where only one or two trades are shown. We post more than enough charts here for your to make an educated decision. Several indicators we are giving away for free (with purchase) are being sold or leased by other companies. We thought about leasing our indicators like some others do, but chose not to have the burden of re-coding each indicators every month for every one, and just focus on growing our own trading accounts.
* I just received the indicators and all I can say is WOW!!! Fantastic. ........... With just the .... indicators I have purchased I can see on my charts that they are money makers. Great Job. in the past when I purchased other indicators they might work on a symbol in a certain time frame then when I would change symbols or time frames they didn’t work and had to be adjusted yet I could never seem to get them right. Your indicator is spot on with every symbol or time frame I have thrown at it. Bravo!!! ................ Michael B., WA
....... These indicators are really neat. I am a very visual person (trained as an architect) and I can quickly scan to see what's going on and then zero in on the stuff that I need to focus on -- like a divergence or a break in direction. I no longer have to make comparisons between bars as I had to with my other indicators. The redundancy of non-similar analyses only further increases the validity of the combination of signals in the system. Wish I had come across your site months ago. It would have saved some pain (and money).............. Tim B., NC
* having used the other squeeze for 3 years and used the pbf for 1 month I wish I had them 3 years ago…................ where the other squeeze will often either not fire at all or will miss most of the move due to volatility the pbf works everytime. It also gets you in early, sometimes very very early. The itunnel and 2ems keep you in a trade and the 3fast ma are fantastic for scalping. The scalp indicator is also quicker than the other one. I have now stopped using the other squeeze and indicators and now use these. ................... Andrew G., UK 

* i have been studying the indicators and paintbar info and the slide show of the charts. i like what i see. i also placed the indicators on the charts i traded this past week and was amazed at how much better i would have traded if i had followed the squeeze and direction signals for entry and exit. thanks.  .......... Larry S., NC
* ........ about 8 months ago we spoke about your system in great details and your patience was greatly appreciated. Unfortunately for myself I did not purchase your system at that time and I continued to use my system with marginal success. ............. After reviewing my records,, Panit Bar Factory,, crossed my desk again ............... so I decided to give you a try. I purchased your "Squeeze" and your "PB_Direction" and I have to report the first 3 days of trading I netted 27 ES points with specific buy sell signals. There was no confusion on identifying the signals and the system is very easy to use. You have really simplified trading for me. I look forward to buying more of your indicators............... Dom, Boca Raton, Florida
* Just thought I would drop you a line for an up date, last night was my first night of going live with real $.......  I just want you to know how much I really appreciate what you have created and this is going to do wonders for my confidence.......Thank you. .....One good turn deserves another, you are more than welcome to post my email on your web site I cannot praise you enough for your help and efforts I just wish I had found you a long time ago. ............. Kevin R., Australia
* .......Just wanted to thank you and let you know how pleased I am with your product. I have been experimenting with your indicators for a couple of months now and am finally seeing some consistency.....Like a lot of other people, I have already invested a small fortune on other systems/indicators......... most systems were very overwhelming. Your system and indicators are by far the simplest and easiest to read...... I probably would have seen better results sooner had I not made the mistake of trying to combine with another system. After completely switching to PBF indicators and just adding fibs from a previous system, I saw drastic results. After arranging indicators to please my eye and finding the timeframes that suited my style, I began seeing consistency. Even better than that is the confidence I have pulling the trigger...... AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME !!!!!!!! ........ E., CA. P.S. Your response time needs a little improvement. " N O T ! " LOL
* Gosh, you really do take good care of your customers. I think I have said this before, but you guys at PBF go way above and beyond your call of duty. Your after sales service is exceptionally good. I cannot sing your praises enough. .......... K. C., Australia
* .......... Being a teacher by trade (among other things), I take my own lesson here in regards to once you understand the rules it all looks so easy. And indeed, those divergences and trendlines just pop out at you once you have trained your eye. ........................ james
*  Hello: Of course, i will send you my experiences & results, yesterday was a beautiful day of how was working PBF and his maravillous pictures tick by tick learning how indic. working together, i couldn't trade only visualice all possibilities, and YES my friend , limit is the sky, very very good potential, starting step by step and losing my old fears. Well you know my bad english,  i try better send an image whith my trades is better that 1000 words. ............ Alberto C. Spain
* ........... what fantastic service. I am still using the squeeze and it has my trading so much better. The manual for the moving averages is worth the money on its own...... Again, I can't thank you enough for all your help and advice since my first order in January 2008. Wishing you all the best for the future.............. David S. UK
* Hi, I loaded the new indicator package and it works great!  Today I sim traded for 2 hours in the morning and 1 hour in the afternoon and made $1,500 following the indicators.  Not bad for the first day!  I traded the "YM" and the "6E".   So far I love your program!  Thanks for all your help.  ..............Ross B., TX
Which chart is easier to trade with? This one
* Many thanks for your superb squeeze indicator which has transformed my day trading. To trade without confusing and false signals makes my trading much easier and much more profitable. Also your indicator works in real time without lagging price action which is what i was looking for. Great product and support ......................David S., UK
* wow PBF.....  i just have had my best 2 trading days in 4 months.....  .....  i have made more but i truly can see so much more. ........... this should only get better...   the squeeze indicator is great , and PBF squeeze radar even better. thanks  i did more than pay for PBF [indicator package] the last two days.   thanks again........... Greg T., NE    
* I purchased your indicators a few months ago. It’s taken me a while to understand them and apply them to my style of trading in a consistently profitable manner. The effort, though frustrating at times, was definitely worth it. I’ve now had four consecutive weeks of profitable trading with only a few unprofitable days. I’ve never been able to do that before.  Thanks again for your excellent indicators. A.K., CA
* Just a quick message to let you know i've made my day's money thanks to the squeeze radar screen, paid for the indicator already. Many, many thanks for your help, support and quick replies to my emails. Looking forward to your strategy and future updates and products. Simply can't thank you enough, .................... David S., UK
* Thank you for going the extra mile.  It is greatly appreciated.  By the way, your indicators are worth more than gold.  I have never seen anything even close to matching their performance.  Keep up the good work! ........... Talvin P., TX
* I just wanted to say how impressed I am with your indicator package, as well as your customer support. All support questions have been answered promptly and within the same day! Fantastic! As a purchaser of many indicators and trading systems over the years, I can honestly say that if you can't make money with these indicators, then you can't make money with anybody elses either! It doesn't take long to become comfortable with what these indicators are showing you! Thanks very much! .............. M. Honebrink, MN
* I am trading Futures, all is going well. Just want to let you know, in the last few weeks I am batting about 90 percent! Thanks. .................Dom, FL
* I am so very happy with the products and services paintbarfactory provides. Questions and concerns are answered quickly and efficiently. The Squeeze indicator stands in it 's own class of technical indicators for traders. I feel every trader should be utilizing this non lagging indicator in their tool box. It is the mainstay of my success in the markets today. Thank you again Paintbarfactory team. ............... Jack Z. Canada
* Hit this stock two days in a row, 3000.00 buckaroos. Awesome software! Don't take my word for it, but listen to the hype salesman on a stock TV then put PBF to test, you will make your money against so called experts on TV. Thanks! ..................... Glenn B., SD
* ........ You have created some really brilliant, accurate indicators here. Congratulations. I can't wait until I get really skilled at using the PBF indicators if this is what a few days is like. I have been trading over 15 years and am familiar with almost all types of indicators, methods, courses, systems etc. I'm convinced quickly of the efficiency of the indicators and of the great work and research you put into themSign me up for Holy Grail. Fantastic.......... Scott W., NV
* ..........when I tried your indicators, I was impressed. Your indicators signaled a trade, in many cases at a better price and several bars ahead of the indicators I had been using. Getting the notification early, gives me a better chance of having a winning trade. You are always there to support and answer the questions that I have about your indicators as well. I'm very comfortable recommending your indicators to anyone who trades on a regular basis. .......... Keith G, St. Louis, MO
While there is no Holy Grail in trading, the right set of indicators and system can, and will help you get the results you want! There is too much hype in the trading world already, we are not about to add another one. Every other day you'd hear about someone cracking the "secrets". There is no secrets in trading, only hard work. Although we think our indicator package is the best one can find, we will not tell you that you can just take every signals from every dots, every color changes and every turns, and you will be a millionaire overnight. It doesn't work that way. Don't let any one else tell you otherwise, either. If the "green light, red light" system works, we'd all be rich by now. Trading is a tough business, and our job is to make it a bit easier for you. We have done the most difficult part so you don't have to. These indicators and our trading system will shorten your learning curve and help you achieve your goals a lot sooner, and they will help make your trading decision a lot easier if you are an experienced trader. You still have to learn how to interpret the signals and act on them when the opportunities present themselves, while managing your risk. The market only does 3 things, it either goes up, down, or sideways. There is no 4th possibility. Sounds simple, right? It really is! All you have to do is buy when the market is about to go up, short when the market begins to move down, and stay away when it's not going anywhere. Once in a trade, manage the position with proper trailing stops until the markets get you out for maximum profits. Our trading system and indicators will teach you do just that. Study the charts posted throughout this website and learn the setups, so you will have confidence, and act without hesitation and emotion when the timing is right.
* I am a veteran trader of 12 years....... I have used most of the expensive professional grade indicators that are available on Tradestation. The first night after receiving the package from PDF, I compared their indicators against what I have been using for years. The PBF package is obviously superior than others. The signals get me in early enough in a move, and I am really impressedwith the 3 setups that come with the indicators, especially the level 2 setup........  when the setup is there, the market almost always moves as predicted....... I can identify real deals vs. BS indicators. The Squeeze is definitely on my top 2 list........ Their customer support is also excellent. They answer my questions promptly, often within the hour. My experience with them so far has been excellent. With the help of the indicators, I was able to make the money I spent on them back in 2 days, without any stress. Thanks PBF. Keep up the good job! ........................A. B., MO
* I have........ bought a lot of indicators and strategies on the web. I must say that PAINT BAR FACTORY is by far the best buy that i never did before. All the indicators work as described and integrate well with one another. They are very simple to use, yet very efficient for any trading instrument and time frame. This package has improved drastically my confidence and my success rate. Their support is also very good, they are very accommodating and willing to help their customers. Thank you PBF .......... Laurent, France
* I have builded and tried tons of indicators with mostly no positive results on the long term.. All the PBF indicators are great because it's really simple to understand and you can easily mix some or all the indicators in order to have a clear view of the market depending you trading style.. ......... and after 10 years in the banking business i can pretend that i know a little what's hot and what's not in term of indicators and systems R.O.I.. Congrat to the coders and keep the good work... ..................Arnaud L. Paris. France
* Thanks for excellent indicators (Squeeze and Holy Grail). As my english is a little weak I asked for support and got extremely good support. No questions were stupid, I got all answers I needed. I even got online Remote Desktop help that was outstanding! I look forward to buy more indicators from you and thanks again for this excellent support!!! .................Br Helge, Sweden
* In combination your PBF indicators are simply superb....... This combination boosted my win/loss ratio significantly and motivated me to buy the 'Holy Grail'. With the implementation of the mighty HG! I have now been able to stay longer in trades and consequently my profitability has imporved still further. So I want to offer my sincere appreciation of your ability to fuse trading insight with fist class EL programming skills. .........K Holton Machnester UK
* .........  What can I say, but BRAVO MAESTRO!!!  You have done a brilliant job to come up with these indicators..... Clearly, a lot of effort and thought is encapsulated within these indicators.  I can sense the subtleties that lie within it all. Also, I demo traded futures on Friday.....the first time I ever traded the instrument and guess what?  5/5 winners!!!  ....... I kept starring at the charts and was amazed at how the PBF indicators carved out the structure of the markets so well. You have done a fantastic job in creating this software. I take my hat off to you........ I am getting more fired up since purchasing your software.  It is akin to a shortsighted person having put on a good pair of glasses.  In this case, the glasses being the PBF indicators. ......... K. C., Australia
* .... I just wanted to express my gratitude to you for your fine indicators.....  The indicators installed easily and were easy to interpret.  I especially appreciate how each compliments the other to give multiple confirmation.  In short, they helped me find the good trades, stay away from the bad ones, and removed much of the perspirtation of trading while restoring the fun. I believe that all a trader needs to be successful are your indicators, dedication, and self-discipline.  My hat is off to you, you have indeed accomplished what others merely claim to have done. Again, my thanks to you for your achievement. ................. Thomas M., PA
Or this one?

We plot each indicator individually on the same eMini S&P500 (ES) chart to illustrate how they work throughout the "Indicators", "Paint Bar" and "Show Me" pages. It is very interesting to see how each one functions and its purpose in the system. With different indicators come different strategies. But more often than not, they seem to tell you the same story around the same time. The Squeeze signals a long entry when you get a yellow or blue paint bar from PB_Direction or PB_Entry, the Fast3MAs turns cyan and crosses its signal line, price bounces off the EMAs, the Show Me Dots appears at the bar close, the iTunnel turns blue and up, the Holy Grail turns green and passes its tunnel line, the shortest term on the Trend Bars turns green, and the OSOB indicator tells you the market is in an over sold condition, the sell pressure on the Buy/Sell Pressure indicator peaks and the buying begins to come in, etc. The more "confluence of events" you have, the stronger the signals are! Plotting different indicators on the same chart tells you that we are not cherry picking different charts to fit each indicators. We picked this chart randomly, thought it would be a good example as there were a drop, a period of sideway movement, a couple of congestion areas, and a rally. In fact, we have noticed our indicator package shines even more when others fail due to its fast and responsive nature. These indicators work equally well whether you are trading tick charts, volume charts, or different time frames, whether you trade Futures, Stocks, or Forex, whether you day trade, swing trade or position trade. Visit "Trading System" and "More Example" pages to see how well they compliment one another and work together in harmony, and study certain trade setups.

* ....... I had used divergences with price and MACD in the past and had lost confidence with it over the last 4 or 5 months. I'm gaining a sense of comfort using the Squeeze indicator with price. It's very good in predicting a reversal in the direction of price. ..... I've been pleased with some of the preliminary results that I'm getting from using your indicators. ...... I'm happy with how well it can help me pick my entry point on the 133 tick chart. .....I'm starting to learn a lot of the potential. It's required a bit of a change in the way I view my trading. In this case change has been good. Thanks for a great product and good trading. .........Keith G., MO
* Thanks for the quick response. I've added a few changes to your system which has really helped me immensely. Trading the ES (333 tick & 1220 tick), YM (220 tick & 880 tick) & Crude (333 tick & 1220 tick) I had 10 trades today with 1 loser. There were about 5 others that I just couldn't get to. ............After 4 days on SIM, I went live today with great results. ................ Mike G., FL
* .............No doubt you take the prize for being amazingly fast on your reply to questions, as indeed, your Squeeze indicator and gratis Buy/Sell Pressure indicator are amazingly helpful. ........ I find your informative explanations without exaggeration, and believe me I have experienced many disappointments since the 80's when I started trading. ...............  It seems most appropriate to offer many thanks to you for being so generous by sharing your time and most affordable PaintBarFactory trading software.  To say the least, your efforts and resulting accomplishments are greatly appreciated by traders like myself.  ............... Best Regards,   Harris D., NY
* Want to thank you for your excellent PBF indicator package that I use for trading EURO and Gold Futures - works like a surgeons laser knife when trading... ........  Henrik L., Scottsdale AZ
* Your indicators are simply amazing....... IB, UK
* I have had TTM Squeeze for a lot of years and have always been unhappy with the indications of momentum shifts and entries.  I stumbled upon your web site 3 days ago and bit the bullet for your version of the squeeze.  Glad I did. One  additional item: actually being able to pick out divergences with your version of the Squeeze is truly fantastic.  Rarely got to see those with the "other" version......... Tom B., TX 
* Aloha PFB; I have read everything on your website, very impressive.  I been trading actively off and on since 1986. Over all I have not been successful, with the many tools, indicators, systems, education, I have bought over the past 25 years. I have a sense that I may be able to have success with your indicators as I saw how they displayed today and it looked impressive.  I will try my best to learn and use them and maybe in the future I can be one of those giving a nice testimonial like I read on your website.  Only time and hard work will tell. .........................Mahalo, Ernie B. HI
* Hi PBF,
Just a few words from my point of view after having bought your squeeze indicator. As I am not a native speaker and english is not my mother language, I want to make it short.
This indicator and the system behind it is going to change my trading style entirely.
It is fantastic to see how precise and fast the squeeze reflect to price changes and leads to the new direction. Also it is remarkable, that it works great on different time frames. I tried several charts and setups from 133 ticks, 1min, up to 30 min charts. They all look great for ES and other futures and are working fine, pin-pointing good potential entry points and also showing when the strength of the trend gets weakening, indicating to be careful / time to get out with a nice profit.
But that is only one side of the story. PBF lives trading really as a passion, and do not handle the selling of their tools as a cool business to make money! Great support, fast answers and reponses to questions, the discussions of charts and setups are the other side of the story. No email that did not get an satisfying and educational answer. PBF is highly interested to make their customers familiar and successful with their methodology.
Bought and tested several indicators from others before, but this one and the new great relationship with PBF was my best investment so far, no question. Thanks a lot PBF for sharing your knowledge and your great ideas with this indicator!
Greetings from Europe,

CHAPTER 8: Conclusion 


The difficulty in programming an indicator is, if you make it overly sensitive, it will give too many signals, resulting over trading, along with a few losing trades. If you make it less responsive, it lags. We constantly seek the balance between the two. The best indicators are the ones that are fast yet still able to smooth and filter out a lot of noises in price actions. The few indicators presented here provide the solution to this delimma! 
Our trading software works with TradeStation 8.x, NinjaTrader, MultiCharts and MCFX Pro platforms only, for all markets and time frames, whether it's Stock, Futures or Forex market; whether it's tick chart, minute chart, or daily chart; whether it's day trading, swing trading, or position trading, it works eqully well. They will NOT work on TS 2000i, MetaTrader(MT4), eSignal, Ensign, Sierra Charts, or other charting platforms.
Browse through the entire website, we have different indicators for every market condition. The various Paint Bar Studies present unique trading opportunities and market information on the candlesticks. The Squeeze gives you clear signals to enter/exit/reverse your positions ahead of the crowd. The EMAs keep you on the right side of the market. The Fast3MA gives a more detailed look of the price action at a glance. The Show Me Dots suggest ideal buy/sell points. The Scalper Dots are an excellent confirmation tool, they are also good places to trail the stops, draw trendlines, and give you a clear look of the market structure. The iTunnel keeps you in the trend to maximize your profit without exiting prematurally. The HeatMeter tells you the strength of the trend. The Trend Bars work well in a trending market, and the OSOB indicator works magic in a non-trending market. The Holy Grail? You have to see it to believe it. I really have no words to describe it. Imagine the edge you will gain with these tools, and what a disadvantage it would be if you trade without them! Don't throw away your hard earned money on lagging trading indicators and trading systems. Don't pay your tuition to the market and lose your confidence along the way. Don't make another trade without our indicator package. With the help of our system and indicators, we are sure trading will be less stressful, a bit easier, and a lot more fun!
Thank you for visiting us and enjoy your stay! If you have any question, please feel free to contact us!
Good Trading!
The PBF Team
PS. The website only allows us to upload .JPEG but not higher resolution pictures! The colors are off which is disappointing! The indicators will look much sharper on your chart! But that's not our goal, is it? Our goal is to make your trading easier and less stressful!


All rights for MultiCharts Trading Software are retained by MultiCharts, LLC.

Disclaimer: All TRADING involves risk, while there is a potential to make a substantial amount of money, you CAN LOSE a substantial amount of money as well, no matter what method you use. All trading involves risk; past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

Commission Rule 4.41(b)(1)(I) hypothetical or simulated performance results have certain inherent limitations. Unlike an actual performance record, simulated results do not represent actual trading. Also, since the trades have not actually been executed, the results may have under- or over-compensated for the impact, if any, of certain market factors, such as lack of liquidity. Simulated trading programs in general are also subject to the fact that they are designed with the benefit of hindsight. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those shown.


This is not a prospectus; no offer on our part with respect to the sale or purchase of any securities is intended or implied, and nothing contained herein is to be construed as a recommendation to take a position in any market. The material presented herein has been obtained or derived from sources believed to be accurate, but we do not guarantee its accuracy or completeness. There have been no promises, guarantees or warranties suggesting that any trading will result in a profit or will not result in a loss. The TRADER is responsible for his own actions.