About PBF Trading System:

We offer a trading system with 3 consistent setups for both trend and counter-trend trades. The manageable risk/reward ratio is what we pay close attention to.

Many systems on the market today use either (too) fast or lagging indicators. Normally fast indicators get you in a trade sooner, but they are noisy and choppy, give too many false signals, and almost not tradable; lagging indicators are smoother and able to filter out some noises, but often give late signals which increase your risk and reduce your profit potential. Our indicators are FAST AND SMOOTH. Fast, to give you an early entry at the very beginning of a reversal to control your risk, yet Smooth, to filter out noises and false signals along the way to stay in the winning trades. This, coupling with our unique approach to pair a faster and a more stable indicator in each department, makes our system unique and very responsive to the market. Our custom designed non-lagging indicators update in real time and don’t re-plot after the fact. Each indicator serves its purpose for the system with no conflicting signals. Our system works on all markets and time frames, and suits all trading styles. It offers many trading opportunities throughout the day.

In trading, we like to spot the markets’ turning points ahead of time, safely get in before the crowd, ride the trend for as long as possible, while controlling the risk with a very tight stop. This is how we like to trade, and this is what these indicators are designed to do. If this is also your ideal way of trading, please spend some time on our website. Charts don’t lie. We post 100+ non-cherry-picked charts throughout the website to back what we claim. Please click on the tabs at the top of each page for the descriptions of each indicator, pricing information, FAQs, viewing charts, videos, and placing your order.

Testimonials on this website are authentic and guaranteed to be from real students and customers. (Testimonial Disclosure: Testimonials appearing on this website may not be representative of other clients or customers and is not a guarantee of future performance or success)

Trading System and Custom Indicators for

TradeStation, NinjaTrader, MetaTrader4 and MultiCharts

for Stocks, Futures, Forex, all markets and all Time Frames!

Now Available for NT8 as well!

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