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Dear PBF,   Congratulations on a wonderful product! It is evident that you have put much time, effort and personal pride into your Holy Grail indictor. I am amazed how accurate it is in putting you immediately on the right side of the trade. No more sweatin’ it out, what am I gonna do!!!!!  

Thanks again!  

James S., Branchville, NJ


Am excited and scared – when I have traded the [Holy] grail it has been phenomenally successful – in fact I have been almost [edited]on the money using the grail – a far cry from my day job programming 14 hour days with no lunch break! Hence hoping to leave my job imminently to get me out of the hell and into the dream of trading full time for my living…



Hi Support,

Holy mama!! I am in the trade with [edited] so far and MOVE the stop loss as you suggested. The GREAT thing is to spot the trade so EASY!!! with your Holy holy grail indicator.

You really change my trading career now!! I wish that I can take you to the pub for works well done 🙂

Many many thanks,

Long P., Australia   

There was this concept of an indicator that had been on our minds for a long time. We started working on it 10 months before the Squeeze was born. We were happy to have created a masterpiece like the Squeeze indicator. However, the concept of this new indicator was so powerful, and we felt like we were so close to nail it every time we worked on it, but there was always something missing. Our goal is to design our indicators to work together, it has to be fast, responsive, intuitive, accurate, without giving conflicting signals. In the process, we sent the beta version of our new indicator to a few veteran traders whose opinions we respect, who are also our customers and the owners of the Squeeze indicator. One of the replies we received was, “In my humble opinion, your squeeze indicator is your masterpiece, it’s very difficult to come up with a better one, I will be glad if you can prove me wrong”. We thought about it, felt this statement was very true, and we actually stopped working on it for a couple of weeks after receiving that message. 

But the concept kept haunting us! We resumed our research again. After a few more weeks of research, we had come up with 4 lines in this new indicator. Good enough, but not perfect yet. It worked great, but some interpretation was still needed. Less experienced traders might find it confusing. We want it to be more intuitive, easier to interpret, keep us on the right side of the market, show us whether a price retracement is merely a correction, or a possible reversal. We are very happy that we didn’t give up on this idea! Because a few weeks later, when the 5th and 6th lines were added, it suddenly looked like a “holy grail”! 

The 6 lines are: 1. Signal Line (blue)2. Bias Line (thick, dotted green and red line)3-4. Signal Channels for Bias Line (solid green and red line)5. LT Trend Line (Dotted 4-colored line, green, red, white, magenta, optional, can be turned off by true-false setting.)6. Cycle Line (Solid 4-colored line, green, red, white magenta, optional, can be turned off by true-false setting.) 

Lines 1, 5 and 6 travel between +1 and -1, while lines 2, 3, 4 have no boundaries. It presented some difficulty in coding. But we were able to overcome that. 

1. Signal line: It is the fastest line in this indicator, always the first to respond. But because it is the fastest, it gives many signals. We need other lines to determine when to take signals from this line and in which direction. It will peg itself at +1 or -1 when market is in a strong trend, like the LT Trend and Cycle lines. 

5. LT Trend Line mimics price movement and travels between +1 and -1. If the market is in a strong up trend, it will stay near +1 and move sideways, allow you to take long signals from the blue signal line. When the market is in a strong down trend, it will peg itself near the -1 and move sideways as well. 

6. Cycle Line tends to stay near +1 and-1, and spend less time travel in-between. Of course, like the LT Trend, if the market is directionless, it will stay somewhere near the 0 line. If the market trends strongly, it will read +1 or -1 and stay in the extremes. 

2-4. The Bias line has a similar “outlook” or “shape” as the Squeeze. But they are totally different. While developing the Squeeze, we discovered 3 ways of calculations to come up with the histogram, the one we released was of course the best one. The Bias in “holy grail” is not one of the other two calculations, either. Time and time again, we are amazed at how a sound, useful concept all lead you to the same conclusion. This Bias line alone can be trade with profitably. We had it along with Line 1 and 5 very early on and we actually traded with it for a long time. We were comfortable with it, but didn’t think it was good enough to release to the public. It required a bit interpretation and some getting used to. It was not “intuitive” enough in our standard to release. Until the bands, the signal channel lines for the Bias line were added, it suddenly became so simple, so easy to interpret, and so easy to trade with! We were shocked that something so simple can be so powerful, and the solution to the problems we had been searching for all year long is that easy! For a while we didn’t know what to do with it, whether to keep it for ourselves, or include it in our package. One thing we know for sure is, for selfish reasons, we do not want to post the charts of this indicator on the internet for the world to see. After much discussion, we decided to offer this indicator to existing customers only, customers who have bought our package or the Squeeze indicator. We will send you a special link to a page where you can find several charts with this indicator plotted on, together with the Squeeze indicator, for your review. The charts will cover entire day’s action, unbroken, to avoid “cherry picking”. And as always, you are welcome and encouraged to request charts for a certain symbol, time frame, dates prior to your purchase, so you can make an educated decision. 

Can you trade with the Squeeze without this “holy grail”? You certain can. This indicator, however, is like a supplement to the Squeeze indicator and will add to your edge. We are not able to incorporate this idea into the Squeeze indicator like what we did with the middle line. We also would like to keep the Squeeze indicator in its simplest form. The Squeeze focuses on “here and now” (and that’s how we want it to be, any effort in “predicting” the future, in our minds, is foolish, as the market is like a giant monster, it goes wherever it wants to go, and the market is always right! Trade what you see, not what you think, or what you “predict”). The Holy Grail indicator has 6 lines, some of them might be able to provide a “bigger picture” or help manage positions, but it still works with the Squeeze indicator flawlessly. They are like the Batman and Robin, only in this case, I am not sure which one is Batman, and which one is Robin. 

Is it better than the Squeeze? We believe the Holy Grail indicator is one step beyond the Squeeze indicator. For the L2 setup, the divergences are easier to spot on the Squeeze. However, for the L3 setup, which we have noticed that less people are discussing about it, probably because it is somewhat difficult to visualize the outline on Squeeze’s histogram (a few customers did mention this to us on a few occasions), the Bias and its bands in the “Holy Grail” will provide a solution to that problem. In fact, we still want our customers to learn the setups on the Squeeze first, before we will even show the charts of the Holy Grail to them. While the outline of the Bias might look somewhat similar to the Squeeze’s histogram, the calculation is entirely different. If we have 100 indicators from 100 different calculations but all arrive at the same conclusion, we will have more confidence in taking the trades. 

Why don’t we just include it in the package? Because we want our customers to be successful and make money with our tools. The “Holy Grail” looks simple and is very easy to interpret. Because of that, there is a danger that traders might overlook the Squeeze and just take signals from the Holy Grail. We almost fell in that trap ourselves when we traded with it live at first. Also, we want you to be familiar with the Squeeze indicator and the setups first, so you know our trading system really works, before investing more on the Holy Grail indicator. The purchase of the Holy Grail is entirely optional. While you can trade with the Squeeze and be very consistent, the Holy Grail will definitely add more edge to your trading! 

At this moment, only Squeeze Indicator or PBF Indicator Package owners will be offered the opportunity to review the charts of the Holy Grail indicator and the opportunity to purchase it. It is entirely optional, and the price for the PDF Indicator Package does NOT include the “Holy Grail” indicator.