About Us

Here is our story…….

When we first started trading, we plotted every lagging indicators that has a name on the charts, hoping to find the “right” combination and “crack the codes”. Before long, we realized they simply don’t work. We began to think that we needed help. Not getting ourselves educated and having the best tools available is ignorant and stupid. We either pay for the education and make the money back over time, or we continue to pay the tuition to the market, as well as other traders’ mortgages and vacation packages. Fortunately for us, there are so many gurus and experts out there who are willing to land a hand with a nominal fee of $97 to $6,000+. So let the search begin!

A few times we were lucky to receive emails ahead of the launch date of a new product, and became one of the first owners of the secretive trading system that selfish professionals had been hiding from us until then. Other times when we missed the deadlines for the great opportunities, one thing or another always happened that gave us the second chance to get a copy of the newly discovered trading method that will make you rich for only a few minutes of work a day! Either their servers were crashed due to heavy traffic, or their staffs made mistakes on the remaining inventory numbers. We felt we were truly blessed!

The high price tags never stopped us. “They must know something we don’t know if they charge so much, right?” we thought to ourselves. If someone can hand over the results to us “on a silver platter” for only $97 with a no-brainer system, we can probably own the entire Gold Coast in no time if we purchase the $6,000+ courses. We went for it every time. Well, that didn’t seem to work out too well for us, either.

“It’s probably because we have emotional problems, you know, fear and greed. Maybe we should subscribe to that mechanical system people are talking about! That will totally take care of the problem! Just trust the proven system and make trades with the signals! So many people subscribe to it, we really can’t go wrong this time!”

Signed up with excitement and enthusiasm, we received the indicator package and printed manual in two days. Couldn’t wait for the mailman to hand it over, we grabbed the package and ran upstairs, popped the DVD in the player and sank ourselves in couches comfortably.

“This is going to change our lives, FOREVER!”

A few hours of study later, excitement turned into confusion, confusion turned into frustration. “This can’t be right! Any one who does a little bit back testing will find out this won’t work. We must have done something wrong. Let’s call them and find out!”

“Ring! Ring! Ring!” No one answered the phone. Let’s email then! No answer there, either. “Let’s read the rules again to make sure we understand it correctly, shall we?” The rules are really simple and clear as advertised. There was no confusion about that. The results, however, were just so different. They published 70-75% win rate and showed a gain of XX% per month, we had 50-50 at best and probably had to sell the grand piano in the living room, first, to pay for the commission for each trade generated by the system. Who knows what we should sell next….. And the worst part? The risk and reward ratio is always 1 to 1. What if the half time I win, I win small, and the other half of the time when I lose, I lose big trades? This doesn’t work, even mathematically! Leaving a lot to chance is never a good strategy.

By then, we had “invested” a ton of money in our much needed education in exchange for frustrations and disappointments. We turned from enthusiastic to pessimistic, finally a full blown cynic. “If we can’t trust others any more, we can only rely on ourselves…” So began the second chapter of our search. This time, we wanted to try and create our own indicators.

After numerous hours of study and research, together with the bits and pieces learnt from the courses we had purchased, we developed and refined a consistent trading system (at last!) We started to code indicators which shall be simple and intuitive, and they should go perfectly with the system. After several months and dozens of indicators created and abandoned, ONE masterpiece was born: The PBF_Squeeze indicator! It shows the 3 setups of our trading rules perfectly! It is fast, responsive, clean, clear, intuitive, giving signals early enough without jumping the gun. We continued to twist the numbers inside and battle test it. The middle line of the Squeeze indicator has been changed many times in the past. The latest Bias line was a brilliant creation and makes a tremendous difference for the Squeeze indicator. We were creating another indicator to serve as a filter at the moment. It didn’t look like a dotted horizontal line. We decided to code it that way and place it inside the Squeeze indicator. From there, we created other indicators, dots and paint bar studies to serve the trading system. Everything works together flawlessly. One serves as a confirmation to the signal for another, or a filter. The PB_DIRECTION, especially, was designed to go with the Squeeze indicator. We have the EMAs for the big picture, the FMAs for faster reactions, the iTunnel for entry and trailing stops, the dots for confirmation and market structure…….. Everything works flawlessly in harmony.

FINALLY! After this long journey, we finally have a system of our own at last!

One of us had a website which had nothing to do with trading. He lost interest and decided to give the website up after a month, the hosting company wouldn’t issue a refund, however. “You can add another website if you want, your hosting plan was set for two websites”, they say. That gave us this idea! “What if we put our indicators on the internet and see what people have to say?” That was the birth of the PaintBarFactory.com! The response was overwhelming! We had never, even in our dreams, thought this was going to happen! In the first 10 days alone after launching the website, we had 8 sales. All we did was spending a few cents a day advertising on Google. The positive feedbacks from our satisfied customers really made us happy and proud. We are glad our effort, initially for our own trading, has positive impact and saved some frustration for others. Another thing we never expected is that this random business gives us the opportunity to connect with fellow traders around the globe (we didn’t know people in other countries also use TradeStation…) BIG BONUS! We constantly exchange charts, trading ideas with fellow traders. We have learned quite a lot from a few of our veteran trader customers, too!

The PBF family is constantly growing. We are proud to be part of it. And we look forward to welcoming you to our PBF family! Come and join us! Let another chapter of your trading journey begin!